Urban life for people with disabilities

The municipality marked the tactile guides of the Pringles square and the Paseo de Siglo in order to continue contributing to a safer circulation and raising awareness about the rights of people with visual disabilities.

Rosario continues with interventions and urban works to contribute to a safer circulation and raising awareness about the rights of people with visual disabilities or those who use a cane.

In this framework, the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space completed the marking of raised tiles that function as a tactile guide in the area of ​​Plaza Pringles and along the entire Paseo del Siglo, on both sidewalks of Córdoba street. from Paraguay to Oroño.

“The yellow paint marking of these tiles with plugs and the ramps generate a visual contrast that helps the person with low vision to identify them in order to better guide themselves,” explained Ayelén Baracat, General Director of the Centro Municipal District Center. At the same time, she states that she “also points out to other passers-by that these areas should be free and suitable for those who need to use them. We must all respect them so that the movement of pedestrians is a right that we can exercise”.

The initiative arose from the permanent meetings with organizations linked to the subject and occurs after last August self-adhesive pieces were placed indicating the same area as accessible circulation.

The proposal was also part of a campaign, worked together with Paseo del Siglo, the Asociación Amigos de Peatonal Córdoba and the Fundación Argentina de Baja Visión, which included general recommendations for adequate care in shops and protocols according to the health situation current.

“It is essential to advance in a more accessible and orderly city, with the main focus in this case on people with disabilities.”




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