Tactile paving are sprouting in dubai buildings and government departments

Dubai Residents can find tactile paving installed at Amer Service Centre, located at Mazaya Centre in Dubai. It is no longer limited to Dubai’s metro, and have now been spotted at shopping centres and areas behind Sheikh Zayed Road. Although most residents said they had an idea about its function, many were unsure of what these truncated domes were called, or how they were actually used.

When Gulf News approached a visually impaired person about the practicality of the tactile paving in neighbourhood malls, they pointed out that there remains room for improvement. “The braille tiles in commercial areas, like banks or government centres, are not helpful because they are restricted to the vicinity. Instead of installing them inside a bank, that’s located in a centre, the tiles should be installed everywhere in the centre,” said the visually impaired person, who declined to be named.

Manar Abdul Qadir, a visually impaired person, using the tactile guidance path at one of the stations of Dubai Metro. Image Credit: GN Archives

Where can you find them in Dubai? Dubai Municipality has installed tactile guiding for the visually impaired across all its centres, which include Al Kifaf, Al Manara, Al Twar and Hatta. “The visual guiding mechanism for People of Determination is mandatory for Dubai Municipality Centers and its one of the 7-star standards for customer service centers,” said Manal Obaid Bin Yaroof, director of customer relations and partnerships department at Dubai Municipality.

Recently, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has also started to install tactile paving, most notably in the Jumeirah district, to provide easier accessibility for visually impaired people.



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