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Why using our portal

when there are technical reference standards?

There are regulatory standardization authorities in the world that have the task of harmonizing the manufactured products in order to create generic reference standards, also known as technical standards, to which everyone can refer in a safe and uniform way.

Although they have no imperative value towards third parties, they are still widely observed in order to make a work possibly  harmonized at European or international level and constitute good practice.

The technical standards are therefore voluntary compliance documents that define the characteristics of the products and services, as well as the methods for measuring and verifying their compliance. Their goal is to ensure the following:


you get a correct choice of harmonized systems according to the technical or disciplinary regulations in force.

  • In which the standardization authorities of all the countries of the globe are represented. On our website you can find the page “About ISO” and under “Members” you will find all the blind and visually impaired authorities with their respective standards.
  • In which the standardization authorities of all European countries are represented. By visiting the site on the blue strip at the top you can find “Members”. Click on it to check all the countries representatives.

By their nature, technical standards must necessary give generic models in which to include different types of products in order to guarantee a free market.

It is obvious that, representing the tactile paths a real language, even though each manufacturer respects the technical standards of reference and the related parameters, the applied products are often all different and tend to generate confusion and disorientation for blind and visually impaired people.

Therefore our portal does not want to replace regulatory authorities but only aggregate the information requested by different entities and supervisors, listen to the opinion of those who use these aids, or the blind people associations that represent them, and combine them with the market offer in order to obtain a harmonize the language. This standard, while respecting the local customs of the various countries of the globe, would give a uniqueness of tactile language to simplify interpretation by blind and visually impaired users.

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