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Tactilepaving.com portal was created to answer the growing needs of autonomous and safe mobility with the consequent social integration of blind and visually impaired people. This can only happen through the spreading of correct practices and technical/applicative information regarding tactile languages. Our aim is to create a social model in which the daily use of tactile systems is intended as a construction of opportunities, individual and social well-being, based on the comfort of autonomous and safe walking on tactile pavings. The correct use of these aids can be indicated in any country in the world by those subjects who are deputies to this matter.

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Our portal, together with blind people national associations, institutions, professionals and technicians, producers and traders of tactile pavings, operative in different parts of the globe, is committed to promoting the spreading of a specific culture of tactile languages on every walking area. We wish each of the participants, with their own contribution, to be able to apply a tactile structured tactile language in a professional manner in all the areas with public access. We wish them to make the interpretation of the environment easier for all blind and visually impaired people, the final users of these aids which are still very confused and little used today due to the different symbols and different ways of being designed and applied. Only in this way it will be possible to harmonize a language for universal accessibility and design.


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